Hotel/room reservation

The guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the room has been ordered and confirmed or, if a commitment was not possible due to time constraints, has been made available. All invoices issued by the hotel are to be paid immediately and without deductions. The hotel is entitled to agree on an advance payment for the processing of the services. In the event of non-timely receipt of this advance payment, the hotel may withdraw from the concluded contract.


Our flexible rates offer the free possibility for cancellations or booking changes up to 5 days before arrival. In the case of short-term cancellations or no show, we reserve the right to charge 90% cancellation fee for the scope of the booked services. Please note that for our fixed rates a cancellation or change of the booking is not possible free of charge.

A cancellation, modification or reduction must always be made in writing.


The payment of the booked nights and services takes place on site at our hotel and directly on the day of arrival. Further additional bookings or services during the stay will be charged on the day of departure. 

Taxes and VAT

All prices are including VAT. Should the VAT rates change, the hotel is entitled, but not obliged, to make appropriate changes or to adjust the agreed prices. For touristic overnights a aditional local tax will be charged. For further information please click here:


Please plan your arrival between 3 pm and 6 pm. The rooms can be appointed from 3 pm. Please make the rooms available to us again on the day of departure by 10:00 am.

Transfer of contract

All contracts remain valid even if there is a change of company or ownership. The customer already gives his unconditional consent to the possible change of contractual partner.  At any time, the hotel has an extraordinary right of termination of all contracts if it turns out that the contractual partner himself, or on behalf of right-wing radicals/extreme/xenophobic and/or other groups, groups and/or persons of the corresponding world view, has made this booking, and has maintained secrecy about the actual identity.

Severability clause

Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, they shall be replaced by such conditions that come closest to the meaning and purpose of the ineffective condition.

Status: June 2021

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